Modern room model Unused Discovered in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Data miners have discovered unused assets for a modern style room in pokémon legends: Arceus, _ probably insinuating a possible sequence of opening different from which players see at the beginning of the new Pokémon game. For stranger it seems, _pokémon legends: Arceus is a game about traveling in time. At the beginning of the game, players are sent by force to an earlier era of the Sinnoh region by Pokémon / Diety Arceus and are given the task of capturing all the Pokémon available in the game. Due to the modern sensitivity of the player’s character, it becomes a star employee of the Galaxy Expedition Equipment Inspection Corps, probably because they do not fear the Pokémon of the way they do almost all other characters of the game.

The opening sequence begins with the player confronting Arceus in a pocket out of space and time, but it seems that the game almost begins today. Data miners have discovered a “modern room” completely modeled with furniture, TV, a Nintendo switch and even a poster of a gastron. You can see a detailed look at the following video:

UNUSED Present day room found in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Although some people speculate that the modern room is a track of the next DLC, which could eventually return to the modern world after completing the sacred mission of Arceus and avoiding the disaster in the old past, it is just likely that the room He served as the room players wake up in a similar way to like all the other Pokémon games have started with the player waking up and coming out of his room. Our assumption is that it was meant to be a good wink the past, before the players were sent to the past and forced to work for a group of colonizers or parish in the hard desert of the HISUI region at the hands of a giant. Red-eyed Pokémon medium size.

Having a player torn from the room (even if it is by Pokémon God himself) seems quite dramatic for a game of Pokémon, so we can see why the room was discarded. After all, the circumstances surrounding the player’s character are quite tragic, and it is likely that the players do not want to remind them of them have a family and a home that they were separated without hope of returning.

We will discover if pokémon legends: Arceus will ever use this room model without using if / when The Pokemon Company advertised DLC for the new game. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is now available in Nintendo Switch.