New promotion of Pokemon prepares the great journey of Ash with Leon

Ash Ketchum has spent decades trying to become the best Pokémon coach in the world during our timeline, even though the protagonist of the Anime series remains eternally young. With his recent success, obtaining the victory in a Pokémon tournament, he has been on a world tour with his new friend Goh, but it seems that episode number 100 of the series is giving Ash an unexpected companion in Leon, the current one champion. of the Galar region.

Ash and Goh have come a long way from the story of viajes Pokémon began, with each capture of some powerful and wild pocket monsters as the battle incredible trainers along the way. With this next episode, which will be the hundredth of the last season, Ash will not fight against Leon but rather he will travel with him, learn about the training that is committed to remaining the champion of his region. As it is usually the case of the episodes of Pokemon travel, things could not come as planned by the Pokemon coaches.

The hundredth episode of viajes Pokémon that is entitled “A complete coverage of Leon’s special training,” he released a new description that he not only sees Ash and Leon traveling together, but also sees Goh finding an interesting character when the two protagonists They separate:

“Ash was originally going to look for Pokémon in the Galar region along with Goh, but an unexpected turn of events led him to train with Leon. What Leon calls “training” is actually playing and interacting with the Pokémon of him, and although this surprises Ash, he also feels a strong kinship with him. Meanwhile, GOH, is found with Sonia, which is in the middle of the Pokémon search for her account, and discovers a surprising side of the unbeaten champion. “

Ash and Leon Special Training Pokemon Journeys Episode 100 Preview and Release Date
The last season of viajes Pokémon does not show signs of ending soon, with Ash and Goh continuing his trip to capture increasingly strong creatures. With Ash and Leon training side by side, it will be interesting to see if a battle between the two is back on the horizon.

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