Cyberpunk 2077: Max Level & Step System explains

Cyberpunk 2077: Maximum level and step system at a glance

The character progress starts in Cyberpunk 2077 almost immediately after the game start. For this reason, it is helpful to understand the underlying system.

The step system is set up as follows:

  • As in every role-playing game, you experience experience and increase level around level.
  • For each step climb, you can put a point in your attributes. Of these there are five pieces: Constitution, intelligence, technical ability, reflexes and coolness. Which attributes you should increase depends on your preferred game style as well as the desired benefits.

Jak wbić szybko maksymalny poziom 50 w Cyberpunk 2077 PL Poradnik szybkiego levelowania
* Each attribute can be increased to 20. However, since the maximum character level is 50, you can not bring all attributes to 20.

  • The respective attribute level determines the advantages you can prove with advantage points. You’ll find more about it here.
  • Within the attributes are the skills. They levitate them by the way. The maximum skill level always corresponds to the current stage of the respective attribute.

In addition, there is also the Street Credit, which we have explained in more detail in this post. Overall, Cyberpunk 2077 offers a diverse system that invites you to wire around because very different skills are possible. In addition, it increases the recovery of the game, which has become more and better thanks to several large patches such as Update 1.3 anyway.