Sony Buy Bungie – Destiny

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the purchase of bungie , the study behind Destiny, for 3,600 million dollars.

After the closing of the purchase, Bungie will become a subsidiary study of Sony Interactive Entertainment but will continue to have some independence; A Board will be commissioned by Pete Parsons, current CEO of Bungie, and the same team that there is at this time. According to Sony, Bungie will continue to have the option of “self-publishing and reaching players where they choose to play”; In principle, your games will continue to be multiplatform.

Currently, Bungie works at Destiny 2, whose new expanion, The Witch Queen, is published next month.

This does not seem the last purchase that Sony is going to do soon, by the way, if we get off what Jim Ryan has commented on Gamesindustry.

Sony Buying Bungie is a Turning Point for PlayStation

Bungie was born in 1991, and already in her early years gained fame thanks to titles like Myth or Seminal Marathon; In the latter it is probably possible to find something from Halo, the Shooter in the first person with whom the study revolutionized the genre in 2001. The next ten years Bungie, owned by Microsoft between 2000 and 2007, was dedicated in body and soul to Halo series, after which he signed, in 2010, an ambitious treatment with activision to develop and publish his next project, Destiny, during the next ten years.

Eight years later, in 2019, Bungie cut off his relationship with Activision to self-publish Destiny 2, which had been released in 2017. They seem more turns than they are, perhaps; What this supposes for the future of the study is still to be seen.