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Pick the Goty of the computer game in 2001 was not an easy task: challenging to locate even more games together

Returning to Castle Wolfenstein
There are several games that gathered that year and among them, numerous were determinants for what would come later on. Some redefined genres that today we take for approved, while others would tear up legends that would certainly be vital within the industry.

There are years in which the stars are lined up for computer game, we all remember the unbelievable 1998, with unforgettable works such as The Tale of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Metal Gear Solid , or numerous years earlier, the extraordinary 1991, sitting The bases of contemporary fighting with Street Fighter II The World Warrior , however the begin of the 21st century mored than high.

Some titles transformed permanently the future of video games PlayStation 2 was a newcomer , while the first Xbox would land that very same year together with Nintendo Gamecube. Unfortunately, Sega would stop the production of Dreamcast in March, but titles as Sonic Experience 2 and its spectacular opening phase would certainly end up being legends **. We would likewise eliminate Nazis at Go back to Castle Wolfenstein, Alien and Predator would deal with a second time and also Procedure Flashpoint: Cold Battle dilemma would certainly begin his course in military simulation.