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LOL: The interaction of the next patch that will give a new opportunity to the worst kind of champions

After the imbalances of the start of season, League of Legends prepares to receive an extensive patch that resets the balance in the loving crack. Riot Games has prepared a large number of adjustments to items and champions, being particularly interesting the company’s efforts to make some objects more interesting. One of them will be the dancing of death , which will have a new passive of healing capable of rewarding our risky decisions that some players have considered excessive.

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A dangerous interaction that will arrive in the next patch

With the new version 12.3 already available in the PBE, players have had plenty of time to try the new object and see what is its real effect on the different characters. A situation that has generated some alarmism. The healing system of the new passive of this object is simple. If in the three seconds after we hit a champion this is eliminated, we cure an amount equivalent to 175% of our physical damage along the subsequent seconds.

The case of jhin , being the champion of all League of Legends that physical harm can achieve, is particularly exaggerated. However, it is impossible to obviate the effect that could also have the object in some characters. Samira With your Build based on life robbery and damage or Labal-centered shooters can get a great benefit. Even the murderers of the central lane, which are already a nightmare, can use it to cure a lot of health points. A mechanics that favors the players of League of Legends who most risk, but it could be somewhat decompensation.

Riot Games has introduced numerous items that give advantages to participate on a drop, so we can build an entire build centered on eliminating an enemy and getting rewards. It is a mechanics that the developers like, but it surprises that they are decided to apply it to healing. The developer indicated the reduction of damage along with this type of effects caused by objects or runes as a goal during the current season.