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Halo Infinite: Lost XP

The tough progress in the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite is criticized by players rightly criticized. Since the launch, however, there have been initial improvements to speed up the level ride in the Battle passes.

‘Halo Infinite’ players may lose XP boosts after server issues

An important help for a flotter progress is also the XP booster. These are activated in the game and give more experience for a certain period of time.

However, the XP boosters run in real time and not in effectively in the game. A nuisance to know the player of Call of Duty longer.

If it comes to server failures and impairments, as it was the case with Halo Infinite in the last few days, activated boosters simply continue running.

But the loss of XP boosters does not seem to compensate for the developer. This is at least the answer from halo support to the incident.

In the answer it says that you can not return boosters that you have lost due to failures.

The community does not take the answer well, which is clearly felt in over 4000 upvotes and over 550 comments on RedDit.

Submitted Substantial Proof of Full Double XP Loss During Server Outage A Few Days Ago. Nice to Know They do not care. FROM HALO