Call of duty

Insider states that COD 2022 will come out for the past and current generation of consoles

A few days ago, Infinity Ward shared the first teaser of the new call of duty for this year, which will effectively be a sequel to Modern Warfare. There are still many remaining details to know about this Title, however, it seems that the players of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can still enjoy it on both consoles.

Tom Henderson, A well-known Insider of Call of Duty and Battlefield , said that CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2 will arrive both for the current one and the past generation of consoles, and preferred to say it. Once before all rumors began:

“Before the rumors begin, the next title will reach the current and past generation of consoles.

This referring to DMZ and others… plans. “

The DMZ is apparently a game mode similar to Escape from Tarkov that will be included with the new delivery of call of duty this year. The “other plans” that Henderson mentions remains a mystery until now and could literally mean anything.

Editor’s note: It seems that it will not be until 2023 when the new generation of Call of Duty is between us. But I think this year’s delivery could be the true evolution that the franchise needs for everything that has been rumored about it, including improvements to artificial intelligence, a new system of shots and coverage, and the addition of more game modes.