Bioshock 4: To get good, it has to sacrifice a lot of Bioshock

In view of the whole Remaster and Remake Lutches, it is really nice to see if the variety also wants to return old rows with a continuation. But just Bioshock 4? In my opinion, the responsible Studio Cloud Chamber stands in front of a very difficult challenge.

No question: The twisted first-person action games have to keep an incredible charm until today, alone because of their dystopic worlds, their weapons and characters. But now – almost nine years later to Bioshock Infinite – however, I have to say: Even if the story continues to create WOW! Toments, the gameplay has often bored me at that time and would work in a continuation today.

In the eyes of all players who suits it similar, developer cloud chamber is standing in front of the following problem: How much bioshock can still be included in Bioshock 4, so it is modern and good, but still Bioshock stays? MY The opinion of the gameplay is a total overhaul of the gameplay, but where the essences of the series must continue to be maintained.

Bioshock 4: The gameplay will be the biggest challenge

Whether I’m in the BioShock series now the underwater town of Rapture or the Wolkstadt Columbia explore and experience a brain-blasting twist after another, The gameplay is for me in all parts of story tubes and monotons fighting . Duration, press a head or set a collected object, survive this enemy wave, do something before you survive the next wave and then have to walk somewhere again. While Bioshock is still laminated with his atmosphere and bioshock 2 deflects me with an extremely cool big daddy as a character, I can not ignore it with the tough mass battles of Bioshock Infinite.

Despite the variety of abilities, my fight always leads into the same bottle neck. I discover the most effective tactics and combination and keep this unconsciously to the end, as all the opponents can be fought right away and nobody from them really pushes me to a tactical change. Halft and dead, dodge and do not die yourself. Some opponents eat more balls, but it was already. The tackable guns can be a bit dissolve, but not for the entire playing time. All RPG-inspired features in addition – tonic, weapons improvements, clothing with effects, a rechargeable shield – Schnellern and facilitate at most the fight, add the whole but no new tactical level. Only the magnificent sea-decline DLC made stealth and resource management times necessary .

And that’s the big problem for me in Bioshock: The gameplay is never as clever as the entire setting there . There is a gigantic gap between the world’s boosting world and the few possible interactions in this. Thus, the world comes to the backdrop, as much as all these are based on inventions, philosophies and political ideas. But where is this reflected in my actions? I only watch, walk around and work opponents. I always interact in the same way and do exactly what the game tells me so that great story is continued. However, for me also raises the question for me: Is this great and linear story not at the same time responsible for so little going on on the playful level?

Bioshock 4: The player has to play more!

For me, it is clear that Bioshock 4 can not continue this formula or content, simply to make the fighting more demanding. Instead, the next game should take advantage of the potential of his written settings much more to allow missions, the world and the gameplay more strongly into each other and giving the players and players more opportunities to contribute more versatile in the game. I’m not a developer, but that would be for me the logical development: Cloud Chamber should solve from the classic process and gameplay and align the whole thing on a completely open world concept. But how could that look like? I think the Survival game Subnautica can be used here as good inspiration.

Just as I have to learn there, to arrange me independently with the world, your resources, creatures and mechanics, Bioshock 4 could also expose me in his dystopic city and looked at my way from there. This reorientation transforms the designed story hose into a completely self-motivated exploration journey. For example, I could make the use of laboratories or vehicles (using crafting, repair, resources, etc.) first to open first, so as steps around my great goal sooner come. At the same time, this reorientation could detach battles as a game filler and even offer the opportunity to place them less, but more interesting in the game if they can not be completely avoided completely depending on the style of play. The story should continue to do their usual epic, only distributed over more locations and characters that I can find in the world.

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Regardless, what could now be added, RPG elements, puzzles, etc. – that would be a good base for me to not just modernize Bioshock, but to help the series with the current technical possibilities, perhaps a potential to use that it already had in his ground corner. Maybe then it is no longer the Bioshock we know, but in my opinion a much better, in which I can not only be as clever as his story, but also needs. So Cloud Chamber, would you be so friendly to hear on me?