VfL Bochum in Berlin already while warm

At VFL, the worm was in it – and already before the kick-off in the Olympic Stadium. “It somehow started at the warm-up, then it has noticed that we are not right. That’s why you then noted until halftime,” Garrit Holtmann disclosed on the microphone of “Dazn” the reason for unfamiliar drowsiness. Bochum seemed strangely lethargic in the first round and found at no time on the otherwise aggressive game against the ball.

“We were just not good enough and had no chance. We had no pressure on the front, Hertha could play so easily,” Holtmann closed himself in the criticism. The residue after 45 minutes was therefore consistent, Holtmann & Co. had to listen in the cabin accordingly. “It got a bit louder,” said coach Thomas rice, “absolutely not satisfied and mad” if the lack of passion was with his team.

With a polter it got better

The dissatisfaction also looked at staff, Patrick Osterhage and Sebastian Polter came to the second round for Robert Tesche and Takuma Asano. “In the second half we have changed, then it ran better,” says rice. In fact, it ran better, no three minutes on the field brought a prompt prompt for the compensation – Bochum Sixth Jokertor this season.

Hertha Berlin - VfL Bochum 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22

“We made ourselves in the training week to play long balls to come to the depth. For me it is instinct, I’ve already shot in my career one or the other gate so,” Polter analyzed his hits, who only analyzed his goal by an extremely unfortunate defense of Alexander Schwolow came about.

not nice, but successful

Bochum’s best attacker had lost his regular place on new access Jürgen Locadia, in rice ‘Common 4-3-3 system was not room for two pushers. In the second pass, the two attackers harmonized well – and not only at the gate. “Polti is very important, even if he comes in. He has radiated dominance directly, he was in every duel,” Holtmann praised his teammate.

Due to the fast compensation, the game became clearly balanced, although the view of the game suffered slightly below. “We did not play beautifully, but in our situation that is relatively important to me,” says rice, whether the increase in performance in the end also spoke of a deserved point. Polter closed his coach to keep a competitor in the relegation battle abroad at a distance from the second best German scorer of the league (7 goals) “very tidy”.

At the next matchday, Bochum meets with Serge Gnabry on the best German scorers of the League (10 Goals), FC Bayern guests on Saturday (15.30 clock) in the Ruhrstadion. Against the record champion, the VFL should be full of the matter when warm-up.