League of legends

LOL: The old skins that will return to the game thanks to the request of the community

Although the community of League of Legends participates in the development of the game constantly, there is a moment of the year in which Riot Games decides to give him special protagonism. He has been caught as usual to carry out Skins surveys who would want to see the fans or champion whose rework expect more craves. Moment of decision that has already ended and has thrown results. While the future Skarner update is the most outstanding news, it is not at least the choice made by the players about the next Skins.

The Gothic Skins return to League of Legends

In the last survey referring to future aspects, Riot Games changed third betting on the recovery of existing themes in the game that would be reinvented to offer more striking aspects. An enlargement in which the old League of Legends has imposed current trends and that will bring back the Gothic Skins . So far available in Orianna, Annie and Amumu; Soon they will be a cosmetic line in capital letters adapted to the reality of 2022.

Riot Games assures that he has already begun to work on the return of these skins and are exploring how to make this family of aspects attractive. The last time the game received a cosmetic of this kind, we were still in 2011 and the rise of this aesthetics was not so far back. However, the urban culture related to the Gothic and the emo ‘went out of fashion’ with the same force with which it arrived, so it will be a small trip to the adolescence of many players.

The resulting aspects of a vote usually reach League of Legends in the same year in which they take place. During the past season we received nightmare in the city without law about eight months after the survey and we have recently been introduced into the title the new version of the gallant family. In this way, is to be expected that the Gothic aspects return during the second half of the year 2022 .

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Finally, you have to add that Riot Games did not rule out the aspects of the survey in the future, although they would do it with a minor priority. In this way, it is possible that both Light Arch and Infernal are the next objectives of the developer once this work is finished.