GTA Online: Cayo Perico – Solo

What is this for a guide? The Cayo-Perico-Heist has actually remained in the game since December 2020 in the game and also in 2022 the ideal way to make a great deal of money quickly. There are numerous techniques that affect the moment needed.

With our Solo Overview for the Cayo-Perico-Heist Ingta Online, you rock the final in about 7 minutes as well as secures you regarding 1.4 million GTA dollars. The approach is also on “hefty” additionally appropriate as well as even easy for beginners. We likewise provide you tips to the Heist.

In this guide, we show you a method with which it burglarizes the main goal, a couple of added prized possessions swipes and the last go through 7 mins. This after that brings you about 1.4 million GTA dollars as well as is one of the simplest exercises for solo gamers. So your solo easily earns a lot of money.

Think about that there are many possibilities to do El Rubio. We show you below one, which works quite possibly for us as well as we effectively performed even more than 100 times. She functions entirely without triggering an alarm system.

Preparations – which objectives are needed?

_ Tip: _ The silencer you do not have to get. If you choose the technique at evening, then you will obtain them instantly and conserves you the 5,000 GTA dollars.

Equipment: As an estimate lorry, the Kosatka and also the Longfin are well fit. We describe the technique with the Kosatka in the overview, so we recommend you to take them also. Ultimately, it’s personal preference.

As devices, you absolutely require the cutting burner to open up the grid of the wastewater passage and tiny castles in El Rubios treasury. The reducing charge is optional and not essential.

At Weapen Arsal, we select Assailant. But that is also depending on your preference. As a policy, you shoot 2 to 4 guards. It is very important that you can rapidly attract the bums and collaborate with audio absorbers.

Before you can begin the Heist, you have to fulfill the planning screen in your Kosatka and also different preparations. The preparation on the display is divided right into “information”, “equipment” and “final”.

Information: If you play the Heist for the initial time, it is suggested to be familiar with the island entirely and also locate the various seepage factors all. For our guide, nevertheless, just the wastewater channel is necessary as an infiltration factor.

We likewise wired the vanishing factors, yet here is just one essential in the guide. We take the primary dock. We also know the access factors to the building – we count on the wastewater networks in the overview. For the spying of Cayo Perico there is a technique. Once as well as after that makes use of once more and once again in future, consider that you have to spake the various factors just.

GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist SOLO Elite Challenge Stealth Guide - $1,787,213
We do not need sabotage missions at this approach.

Intriguing you can snoop out exactly how you likes. This is not vital for this strategy.

Summary of prep work:

  • Approacher: Kosatka
  • Equipment: Plasma cutter, fingerprint clon, reducing lantern
  • Tool Arsenal: Aggressor
  • Sabotage: absolutely nothing essential

Final of Cayo Perico – Meeting and also start

After the preparations you can begin the work on the planning display al1. The acquisition of a shield for $ 500 is not required. However she can be taken if you are insecure.


  • First, you seek the top end of the fingerprint in the upper row – this is very simple to identify with each pattern. We call it “0”.
  • In the 2nd row you will certainly see you exactly the same upper part 0, and afterwards presses right. So 0 + 1 (occasionally to the right).
  • In the third row you after that search once more the top part 0, as well as presses to the ideal twice. So 0 + 2.
  • In the 4th row you are looking for 0 once again and then presses 3 times to the right, 0 + 3.
  • In the 5th, 6th, eighth and also 7th row, as in the examples above, there is always another pusher to the.
  • Have you ever before excited the system, you address the codes in a couple of seconds.

  • Approacher: Kosatka

  • Seepage point: Wastewater tunnel
  • Accessibility to the building: Wastewater tunnel
  • Vanishing point: main dock
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Weapon Collection: Assailant (acquisition of silencers not needed).
  • Assistance staff Hausing? no.

Look currently in the office. On the wall surfaces can hang up to two paints that you can claw. Pack them, if readily available.

With the plasma cutter you now freed the main goal from the showcase. Fits that the component is not overheated, otherwise you will certainly cost you more time.

The scanner looks puzzling in the beginning glance, however is addressed with a method in much less than a min.

The route to the booty: After you have actually arised from the passage, a brief cut scene runs. Turn directly after that, the stairs run up and also as shown on the visuals concerning the surface. You can cross the following factor completely without troubling viewing if you do not mosey.

Drifts the tunnel throughout and also then shows up upwards. Verifies the request to enter the estate of El Rubio. For the optimal route you must not shed time now.

Easy technique for the fingerprint scanner at Cayo Perico.

Currently you can begin the job.

Proceed to the kill straight the stairways high. You will certainly meet a guard that the stairs run down. Daked her quietly on the top staircase best by an impact with your weapon in his face (third red x on the route graphic). There is also the possibility that the guard leaves an objective trick. Take notice of whether you accumulate him.

Here’s exactly how it functions: After starting the power, the faithful pavel brings you with the submarine near the wastewater passage. You have to swim straight for regarding 30 secs and after that comes to the grid, which is significant yellow. Most likely to the grid and after that chooses the alternative to cut it with the cutting torch. Cuts all the environment-friendly marked rods as well as you are already in the tunnel.

You currently have two retreat options:.

Now you have actually gotten here calmly in El Rubios workplace and already have the most difficult part of the Heist-Finale behind you. In the office you will certainly locate a vital card on his desk that is dull for solo gamers.

You run right straight ahead and reduce via the chains with the reducing torch that block the door if you have arrived with the lift in the cellar.

Cayo Perico in Heist escape – the lightest escape.

Main goal rob.

HEIST Begin – Easy path for quick finale.

Workplace robbed? Currently adheres to one of the lightest workouts: the fingerprint scanner.

In front of the large staircase you wait as well as quit up until the guard goes right (very first red x on the path graphics). With a little luck, the guard allows you go down a goal trick, which will certainly be crucial later.

  1. Via the entrances in the basement after an additional fingerprint scanner (however only 2 tests).
  2. Back through the workplace.

Right here’s exactly how it functions: After beginning the power, the faithful pavel brings you with the submarine near the wastewater passage. The path to the booty: After you have actually emerged from the passage, a brief cut scene runs. Choice 1: The trip via the basement is only available if you have actually collected a door secret from one of the two guards, which you have done on the means to the office (or you have discovered the secret in Los Santos). Option 2: Without scales you drive her with the lift once more high in El Rubios office. Pointer: After the Heist it takes around 8 to 10 mins till Pavel calls you and also describes that you can start prep work for the new Heist.

Pointer: After the Heist it takes about 8 to 10 minutes up until Pavel calls you as well as clarifies that you can start preparations for the new Heist. Sets that quickly and afterwards go to Pavel Fix in the Kosatka and also starts a brand-new Heist on the planning screen. Due to the fact that this will certainly be immediately readied to “hefty” and also you get more victim.

Climbs up to the right on the wall and afterwards straight left over the little staircases. Currently slowly goes to the output entrance and heaters the patrol there either off, or waits briefly in the yard until she disappears. After that most likely to eviction as well as confirm that you woollen out there.

Currently leaps with the motorbike as marked on the screenshot, from the island into the water. From now on, the helicopter follows you, but not a danger, when you dive.

Did you attempt our overview? Then writes us right here in the remarks as he likes you. We additionally such as to share suggestions and various other paths with which your success has.

Depending on which prey the main goal was and the number of paintings and also cash money on the office clawing from the workplace, you need to get by the Heist in between 1 million GTA dollars as well as 2 million GTA dollars.

Simply swim as much as the south and ignore the yellow noting at the primary docks. After swimming concerning half a min, you have actually done the cut-scene and the retreat begins, in which the cash is handed over.

You only have a matchday in GTA online time, or else you will start the following Cayo-Perico-Heist on “regular”. The HardMode does not make up a special difficulty for you, which is why you need to use this with his Beiebonus absolutely.

Option 2: Without ranges you drive her with the lift once again high in El Rubios workplace. Head out through the front door and diminish the stairways, on which you added before. At the edge where you fired the fixed guard (below), you turn right. Awaiting the patrol that marches in front of the structure in the hallway. She stands out off or waits until she stands in development.

The last few meters in the last: Since we might resolve everything in the Stealth, barely any type of resistance awaits us on the last meters. Run from the gate direct and does the guard waiting at the motorcycle. Break the motorcycle and drive close to the wall surface to El Rubios Quartier or follows the way as well as also pops the guard on the helicopter.

If you take even more time and also drive to the anchors or runway after the burglary, to claw important items like coke there, you can still enhance the maximum yield. But that costs even more time and also is a riskier.

After that she leaps straight over the barrier, then turn left into the yard and can already see the outcome entrance. Currently gradually mosts likely to the result gateway and also heaters the patrol there either off, or waits briefly in the yard until she vanishes. Then most likely to the entrance and also validate that you woollen around.

With this guide, we desire to show you how you can quickly and almost without risk the main goal and also a couple of paintings of El Rubio claw.

Option 1: The trip via the basement is just readily available if you have actually accumulated a door key from among the 2 guards, which you have done on the way to the workplace (or you have located the trick in Los Santos). You most likely to the fingerprint sensor in the basement, sets off both puzzles with stated method from above in the post and also transforms right after the scanner. Opens the gateway.

Also as a novice this is not an issue. Because the Heist is so fast, you can complete it several times a day.