Division 2 update adds a snowball fight event

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Update 6.1 for Tom Clancy’s Division 2 Adds Location: Snowball, a seasonal event in which agents launch the snowballs. Ubisoft will also add hardcore mode, permanent, to the game with the update, The party accessories to unlock and a new weapon for shooting the snowballs. Technically, hardcore mode will be in beta when leaving, which will likely allow Ubisoft to repair things using hotfixes. Division 2 will receive the update 6.1 December 10 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

At the next seasonal event beginner on December 10, players will be welcomed with a festive metamorphosis of the connection screen, as well as the aesthetic modifications in the game. Players can apparently take a vacation package, as a gift under the Fir tree, which will include a festive hat and three pieces of equipment, which will also be on the theme The holidays. The crews ambusher also have a random chance to wear the Santa Claus hats and drop the weapon “The Sleigher” that pulls the snowballs and routines the enemies when they are affected.

Apparently, hardcore mode is considered a minimal addition to the game. It adds a greater playability for title and boasting rights to agents to reach or not. The players start in hardcore mode with a new agent, lose any progress and dead objects and can then start again like any permadeath title. Ubisoft has not added more slots to the characters, so players with too many characters will have to delete 1. Hardcore mode has the special rewards such as a Yolo hat that achieves level 2 but are not transferred to other characters.

Are you excited to have the snowball fights in The Division 2 or do you just want to find The Sleigher? Do you want to try hardcore mode? Let us know in the comments below!