Global Mobile Publisher Tilting Point, Aien Games Arguments

Global Mobile Games Publisher Tilting Points said it will take care of the Mobile Strategy Games in Mobile Strategy Games. The scale is $ 50 million (about 60 billion won for Hanwha), acquiring 51% of Eienne Games and proceeds new joint development.

The two companies have collaborated with mobile strategy game Astro Kingz publishing. Through this Agreement, Aien Games secures a new development fund and tilting point global service know-how, and Tilting Points ensures an Asian market publishing capacity such as Aienne Games Strategy Game Development Experience, Korea and Japan. Based on this, it is expected to maximize the synergy in the global strategy game market.

Aien Games has been developing SF strategy games for more than 20 years, and is operated independently after acquisition mergers. Representative Astronest: Astro & Girls released from Bigaining and Astro Kingz, Japan and Taiwan.

Tilting points have been continuing Asia Games Global Services Publishing, Joint Development and M & A. In Korea, Joy City, including Joy City’s Embedded Corporation, Dangers of Cleetes’ civil war, Storytako’s dangerous Gnome, Clover Games Road of Heroes, Action Square’s Three Kingdoms Blade, and the West of Shina Games.

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New joint development, which utilizes renowned IP, along with the global service, and is also promoted by domestic developers, and is preparing new work using Aienne Games and AAA class IP.

“The acquisition merger was the development of a natural relationship,” said Ai Games Kim, said, “The acquisition of this acquisition was a natural relationship,” he expects Aienne Games to make a step further through the acquisition of a tilting point leading to a global game market. ” I said.

Tilting Point Samier El An Geuri said, “I am convinced of the possibility of global success in Aienne Games through the partnership over the past few years. Helping the global success of Korean games with Aien Games, and expand the game market influence in Asia It is expected, and it is also said that collaboration and investment with Korea’s mobile games with highly developed power other than the Ai Games. “