Sea of thieves

Ocean Adventure ADV “SEA of Thieves” Content plan announced in 2022-Add new story events and new features, PVP “Arena” to end

Rare has released the latest approximately 22 minutes to introduce the content scheduled for 2022 for the Marine Adventure “ SEA of Thieves “.

In a new season starting quarterly, we have updated the new tools, systems, and battle path updates, etc. In the “season 6” started from March, content over the “SEA FORTS” protected by the ghost has been added, and challenges for skilled players appear.

As a new attempt to complement the story during the season, a story-driven live event “adventure” which can enjoy the story like a movie is held regularly. At an important point of the story, the behavior of the game players will greatly affect the world.

In addition, “Mystery” combining side quests and ARE (alternative reality) elements also appeared. Players seem to use a new storytelling approach to unlike the mystery based on the clues to discover inside and outside the game. In mystery, new clues will be released in the progress in the community.

In addition, the PVP mode “Arena” in the game is announced on March 10, 2022 (at the beginning of the season 6). Due to the expansion of adventure, it has become difficult to continue to satisfy the arena and both support, and the arena play time did not grow than the development goals.