The Rock will star in a new movie video game

In 2005, Dwayne The Rock Johnson appeared in the movie of Doom. In 2018, the former fighter starred in the adaptation of rampage. Now, today it has been announced that The actor will once again enter the world of video game adaptations , with a project that has excited the rock.

In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, Johnson revealed that he is working on a new adaptation of a video game for the big screen . However, he can not share additional details, since the official disclosure of this project will take place at some point of this year. This was what he commented on:

I can not say what particular game it is, but there will be an announcement this year. Let’s go to the screen one of the largest and most powerful games, one I’ve played for years. I am very excited to take it to fans from all over the world. Of course, let’s do the right thing with our friends players, but actually we’re just going to make a great movie.

Although in the same interview Johnson mentioned being a big fan of Madden’s series, it is very likely that we do not see a film inspired by the American football franchise. Considering that one of the most popular series of the industry is talked about, is very likely that the actor is referring to Fortnite .

Recall that the rock has already worked with Epic Games, and Currently this actor is in charge of the role of The Foundation , an important character in the General History of Battle Royale. At the moment there is no more information about it, but at some point of 2022 we will know what project Johnson is talking about. Maybe during Summer Game Fest, we have the answers we are looking for.

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Editor’s note:

A Fortnite movie sounds interesting. However, it is not ruled out to see something related to Call of Duty, or other popular franchise. Possibly Among us is the movie that the rock is talking about. We hope to have an answer as soon as possible.