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New theory doubts the true power of Bardock

Undoubtedly, Burdock is one of the Sakhalin more powerful within the universe of Dragon Ball. At this point we are already familiar with the feats of the Father of Roku However, a recent theory is questioning its true power, and being true, it could completely change the history of the hero.

The most recent chapter on the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super showed us a flashback scene with Burdock , and it was there where fans found a particular error. Next we leave with this scene, to see if you also find it:

Did you notice? Burdock There is no queue in this image, and although many believe that this was a mistake, there is also the theory that Burdock actually had a hidden form a long time ago, which would eventually be Learned by Roku . This would be similar to that of Brolly , which would become Burdock in a much more powerful being of what we thought.

Editor’s Note: I think this flashback scene is definitely insinuating something. I mean, it is common that these types of errors can exist in the manga, but considering that Dragon Ball has endless transformations, the safest thing is that soon we will see another.