Com2us, Com2us Holdings Three-digit number of special adoption Q & A disclosure

Comes and Comes Holdings have disclosed Q & A with relevant information on special adoption of metabus, blockchain, and NFT.

Currently, the Come Group is a massive recruitment to promote new business promotion, such as the development of the Meta Bus Platform ‘Comforts’ and C2x block body. A total of 13 duties, including developers, planners, and art representatives, recruit talent of up to three digits.

Comes groups offered Q & A content from Comes recruitment blogs to meet the high interest of applicants. Q & A content consists of recruitment tips for recruitment, such as interview procedures, qualifications, and acceptance periods.


For the preferred qualifications, is welcome to those who have high interest and understanding of the ecosystem, and those who have experience using metabus related services, said, Because it is to lead the unstable next-generation digital industry, positive mind I would like to support a lot of people with a challenge and a challenge.

The coming from January 31 will receive documents from 2:00 pm, providing 1: 1 individual counseling with personnel representatives during the recruitment period. Applicants can inquire about the questions related to recruitment after registration of KakaoTalk ID (@ Comes).

In addition, special recruitment methods are operated only for extra recruitment. In addition to Comes employees, anyone can recommend talented talent for duties through outside recommendations in the homepage, and when recruitment is successful, the recommendation receives a compensation of 2 million won.

Meanwhile, the Come Group has recently signed a YOU recently, to apply the content and services of real reality to the All-in-One Metabus Platform ‘Comforts’. It also builds a game platform ‘C2X’, a self-blocked block body for the purpose of the global P2E market. ‘Summer Noun: Chronicle’, ‘Fishing God: Crew’, etc. In addition to the self-developed blockchain, in addition to the new development block, We plan to expand the ecosystem of the blockchain.