Nigoro publishes a new DLC for the


The Rigor study has announced the availability of a new DLC for the popular metroidvania maulana 2. The Cannes Tower can now be purchased at Steam, Gog and the Humble Store for €3.99, and offers a new map that, according to its developers, has a difficulty at the height of the Temple of Hell. In addition, they have taken advantage of the opportunity to announce their new game, declaring that in Rigor we have been creating games for ten years, and finally we have realized that we are not too good creating games in a short time. For our next project, Shankara (title Provisional), I have decided to be silent until you have something that announced. That’s why I say goodbye until we see each other again a few years ago. Apart from Shankara, from which it seems that we will still take much to know more, Nitro has two other projects in development.