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How can Call of Duty from Mega

The Acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft for $70 billion has shaken the gaming industry, the after bows are still felt. As the dust slowly lays, more and more questions about this mega deal come up.

These not only revolve around the future of the controversial Activision CEO Bobby Kick or its potential severance pay, but also why the takeover takes place at the present time and how the parties can benefit from it. This also applies to individual brand such as the Shooter Series Call of Duty .

What effect does the mega deal on Call of Duty?

In a detailed interview with the magazine VentureBeat, the current Activision CEO explained some backgrounds to take over Microsoft. So he had been associated with Xbox boss Phil Spencer for a long time and care for a good contact with him.

Its call around the recording of acceptance calls had come exactly at the time when Activision Blizzard has had increasingly determined that it lacks necessary talents in future-oriented areas such as I programming.

There have been some other important factors. But ultimately, he and Activision were emphasized that cooperation would give a great sense in the long run – even for Call of Duty.

When asked if and in what form the popular shooter brand would benefit from the Mega Deal, Kick had an interesting answer.

I would say that the most significant things would be the I and the Machine Learning, as well as the ultimate access to the corresponding talent. There is also our greatest demand. In the long term we could see a streaming experience for Call of Duty Building that will be extremely significant.

Thus, Activision Blizzard probably plays with the idea of ​​developing the shooter-brand Call of Duty increasingly towards a streaming format . Although Kick named no further details in this regard, yet an fascinating future seems to be in front of the call-of-duty fans.

Source: VentureBeat

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