Hertha BSC – FC Bayern Munich 1: 4: FCB Disassembled Demazetre Hertha

FC Bayern Munich has defended the six-point lead on Borussia Dortmund on the 20th match day of the Bundesliga. At Bertha BSC, the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann won extremely sovereign with 4: 1 (2: 0).

Corentin Polish (25.) and Thomas Müller (45th) brought the FC Bayern before 3,000 fans in the Berlin Olympic Stadium before the break with 2: 0 in the lead. After the side change, Leroy Sané (75.) and Serge Gnabry (79.) followed before the substitute Jürgen Ekkelenkamp scored the hoarding goal for Bertha (80th).

With 20 shots on the Berlin goal, Bayern set a new Bundesliga record. Overall, there were 29 goals shots, the Bertha came on their five. In addition, Bayern had 63 percent ball possession.

We controlled it 90 minutes. We still need a few such games, then comes a good feeling and self-confidence, said the strong Joshua Gimmick, whose health was completely fine after surviving Corona infection. Thomas Müller praised, We have constrained Berlin from the beginning and burn nothing at all. That was an absolutely beautiful football day.

Bayern’s goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski stayed this time without his own hit. There were two situations in which he has to get the ball, Nagelsmann accounted for – these doors were quasi taken away to the Poland: That’s a bit stinky, but that’s what it’s like.

Already on Saturday, pursuer Dortmund had won 3-2 at the TSG Cofferdam and shortened the projection of the Munich on the table tip in the meantime on three points. Now the Bundesliga pauses for two weeks. Then FC Bayern meets RB Leipzig.

FCB notes: Molasses Next application – Gimmick is the boss

Bertha BSC against FC Bayern Munich: The analysis

After two failed trials with Sanitizer as a direct Davies representative on the left-back position, Nagelsmann built against the Bertha tactical. This time he sat on a triple chain with Hernandez as a left limb. Gimmick returned to the six, where he demanded many balls and performed extremely dominant.

In the headquarters next to Gimmick acted Polish, who often praised into the top and provided there for the danger: his first hit in the 2nd minute was remained unknown because of a distance, in the 25th he finally achieved the deserved leadership. Müller was still following a shortly before the break, the 2-0 at half-time was still flattering from Bertha view, Keeper Schools parried several times.

FC Bavaria laced the hosts from the beginning and came to a few degrees. Nagelsmann offered five pure offensive players, who regularly roasted and let himself drop away. Dangerously, it was typically after interface passes or side displacements.

Despite the extremely offensive orientation with phase wise all field players deep in the opposing half of the FC Bayern was defensively pretty stable. Only in the middle of the first half, the Bertha bought occasional counterlaps, but remained unused.

Shortly after the break, the hosts in person of Daria still a good chance for the connection, before the game until the final whistle was as in the first round. Bertha Horse Hits to 1: 4 enabled the shortly before Requested Upamecano with a short return on new.

Bertha BSC – Bayern Munich: The stations

Bertha: Schools – Richter, Boat, Cardie (58. Jordan) – Park, Daria (58th Acacia), Central Cities (58. Plattenhardt) – Court, Serial – Melodic (80. Ekkelenkamp), Matilda (69. Jove tic).

FC Bayern: New – Award, See, Hernandez (79. Upamecano) – Gary (80th Musial), Gimmick, Polish (69th Sanitizer), Woman (69. Omar Richards) – Thomas Müller (80th Wanner), Leroy San – Lewandowski.

The data of the Game Bertha BSC against FC Bayern Munich

  • Goals: 0: 1 Polish (25th), 0: 2 Müller (45.), 0: 3 SANE (75.), 0: 4 Gary (79.), 1: 4 Ekkelenkamp (80. )

The Star of the game: Joshua Gimmick (FC Bayern)

After two missions as a temporary right-back Gimmick returned to his parade position in the central midfield and dominated there as if he had never been away. Gimmick had the FC Bayern by far the most ball contacts (149) and curled the game again with wise interface passages. The hits to 2: 0 and 4: 0 he set up.

The Flop of the Game: Peter Park (Bertha BSC)

Bertha’s right-back was crucial to the first two goals. In the run-up to the 0: 1 he lost the ball to Lewandowski, at the 0: 2 he let the scorer Müller spare.


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The referee: Bastian thanked


Thanked, the game had good control. He rightly reinforced Molasses’s supposed 1-0 in the 2nd minute because of a deportation of recognition. It was also correct to be San’s hits in the 89th because of a handrail.

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Bundesliga: The table after the 20th match day

Place Team Sp. Goals Diff Pkt.
1. Bayern Munich 20 65: 19 46 49
2. Borussia Dortmund 20 52: 31 21 43
3rd Bayer Leverkusen 20 49: 32 17 35
4. Union Berlin 20 29: 25 4 34
5. Freiburg 20 33: 23 10 33
6. RB Leipzig 20 38: 23 15 31
7. Cofferdam 20 41: 32 9 31
8. Cologne 20 32: 34 -2 29
9. Eintracht Frankfurt 20 30: 30 0 28
10. Mainz 05 20 28: 23 5 27
11. Bochum 20 19: 29 -10 24
12. Russia M’Playback 20 26: 37 -11 22
13. Bertha BSC 20 22: 42 -20 22
14. Armenia Bielefeld 20 20: 26 -6 21
15. Wolfsburg 20 17: 32 -15 21
16. Augsburg 20 20: 35 -15 19
17. Stuttgart 20 22: 35 -13 18
18. Reuther Fürth 20 17: 52 -35 10