Roses demand: “Do not use the cliches that rattle on us”

Marco Rose has been likely to felt more often since his change from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Borussia Dortmund, as he sits since the past summer in the first car of a gigantic roller coaster. Praise and criticism are typically close to the BVB – but the Dortmund’s performance fluctuations causes regularly causing a regular reason to adapt the intermediate assessment.

From two competitions – the Champions League and the DFB Cup \ – the BVB is already eliminated. The title hopes are thus limited to the Europa League, in which the BVB as a group of royal class decline, and the Bundesliga. In view of six points behind the FC Bayern, the Brussels may not allow many points losses here.

Weak Rose found his team – he renounced on sharper words

Both for the medium-term championship perspective and for the short-term mood, it is therefore of immense importance that the ROSE team will correct the devastating impression on Saturday at the TSG Cofferdam (15.30 pm, live! At Rose), which she left on Tuesday in Hamburg. Otherwise, the imaginary roller coaster threatens further unchecked into the valley.

The disappointment, said Rose on Friday, is still big. But on Saturday is another competition. That means we have to focus on the new task again. On things, we want to do better – and which we have done better. The 45-year-old added, the way his team excreted in Hamburg had been weak. He also said that his players.

However, on sharper words, the BVB coach, who formulated a clear mandate: at the end of his remarks before the team after the cup-out, have confessed the demand to work on things, become more sustainable and more constant – for We all found that the topic has been busy for a while. It is the joint task to create it, the clichés that to squatter on us, do not constantly operate – and the distances between the performance dishes can be greater.

Aloud decision is to fall on Friday – trio falls out

One who is supposed to help is Mahmoud Aloud, who had to fit on Tuesday due to muscular complaints and was painfully missing in the headquarters. On Thursday, the national player was partially returned to the training, in the final training on Friday should be clarified to what extent a participation results. The hope is that he is in the morning, Rose said that against Cofferdam was now just on Eyre Can (muscle ferries), Giovanni Reyna (training residue) and Matter Morey (construction training) must do without.