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Cod Vanguard: The most expected mode by the players of the franchise will come within very little

It was last October when Sledgehammer Games officialized the arrival of the qualifying mode for Call of Duty Vanguard . If since your ad, we did not have more news about the latter, it is through the official site of the Call of Duty league that we were able to know your publication month. As it happens in other games like League of Legends or Valorant, the qualifiers work as the main way to demonstrate who is the best player of the entire game through a score system under the name of ELO, MMR, or depending on the Type of equation they use.

The classification mode in Vanguard will be available in February


According to the official website of Call of Duty League, The qualifying mode in Call of Duty Vanguard will arrive from February 2022 . The latter should be launched at the same time as the season 2 of Vanguard and Battle Royale Call of Duty: War zone Pacific, on February 14 after a postponement announced at the beginning of this due to different problems encountered in the Shooters of Activision: Call of Duty War zone, Modern Warfare, Cold War and Battle Royale War zone.

In addition, The FPS presented an update January 20 that, among other things, finally resolved the issue of the domination of the shotguns, but not only was that. In fact, a small mention is part of the classification mode in which certain low racks will not be available, except some of them very specific so that it is not too boring or difficult.

At the time of writing this article, unfortunately we have no more details, but Most likely, the qualifiers include divisions and ranges of levels according to the player’s ability . In addition, of course, exclusive rewards should be available for the best players of each ladder.