Halo Infinite reviews prices for its online shop

This week should see an important fix for the beginning of Halo Infinite: 343 industries has finally managed to put on the index two problems strongly criticized by the players until then: the quality of the Matchmaking on the BTB mode and the tariffs of the Cosmetic elements sold on the game shop.

The studio had struggled to set the first before Christmas, but seems to have given an accelerator to get rid of it from the beginning. Error messages at the time of joining a game, which were recurring for weeks, should therefore be old history from the middle of the week. In compensation, developers will offer each player who will connect for a month 5 boosts of experience and 5 challenges. The latter will appear automatically in the inventory.

On the boutique side, several changes are to be expected to respond to the complaints of the players who suggested that the prices were too high, or the objects concerned were not quite interesting. The rates will therefore lower globally, while the ITEMS present in the packs will now be proposed individual. Weekly updates will also be organized.


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