[16-37] This is our gachi vote! Sudden planning “Hardcore gamer general election” result announcement!

December 28, 2012 (Tuesday), Game Spark recruits most favorite games from the readers entitled Hardcore Gamer General Election .

As a result, we applied a number of works that greatly exceed the expectation of the editorial department with 2,836 votes. Thank you very much for the reading of this place. The hardcore gamer gathered here, GAME SPARK reader’s hot feelings, and the comments posted as much as possible are listed as they are. Sometimes there may also be a comment that doesn’t matter to the game title, but it is also one of them. I hope you will burn this result at your eyes.

This article is the result of the Hardcore Gamer General Election The result of the number of votes 16th to 37th . Please check the following article list for other rankings.

※ For delivery: This article is a design device that makes a hot and huge reader’s comment easier to read. If you would like to check all comments, please refer to this article at the former site (Game Spark).
※ Comments that do not judge works, comments that raise multiple works are this time.

From the old work to the newest lineup, but everyone can only see

From 16th, old works that are not in charge of editing are becoming more generations. Personally surprising was the BYU GA Gook 0 oath location ranked at the 17th place. As I was a work with a vote in Dante in the series, I would like to buy this to it. The impression of the reader’s impression, the impression of this article, such as the unexpected ranking, so please feel free to comment out!

Hardcore Gamer General Election 16-10 of 37th

16th: Bengal Sakai II MARY 17 votes

17: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 16 votes

17: Armored Core Fournier 16 votes

17th: Red Dead Redemption 2 16 votes

17th: BYU GA Gook 0 Oath Place 16 votes

21: Death Stranding 15 votes

21: Horizon Zero Dawn 15 votes

23: Tactics Olga 14 votes

23: Tench creation 14 votes

25: Grand Left Auto V 13 votes

25th: Sophie’s Atelier-Wonderful Book Alchemist ~ 13 votes

25: Live A Live 13 votes

25th: Thirteen Mental Defense Area 13 votes

29th: Destiny 2 12 votes

29: Grandma 12 votes

29: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater 12 votes

29: Romancing SA G2 12 votes

29: Valery Profile 12 votes

34: Throne Trigger 11 votes

34: Enigmas 11 votes

34: Monster Hunter: World 11 votes

37: Judge Eyes: Death God of Grim Reaper 10 votes

37: Overwatch 10 votes

37: The Last of Us Part II 10 votes

37: Undertake 10 votes

37: Zeno blade 10 votes

37: Zeno blade 2 10 votes

37: Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone 10 votes

37: High Moving Fantasy Gun Parade March 10 votes

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