Swords of Legends Online

Legends Pokemon Arceus: Can we play in cooperative or it will not be possible?

Legends Pokémon: Areas will be available within two weeks in Nintendo Switch, specifically on 28 of this month of January, and players still have many questions. The recent advance of 13 minutes may have helped answer some of these questions, but There are still many who may be wondering if the multiplayer functions will be available or not on the new video game of the Pikachu Saga and company.

Exchanges, fights and other activities: Will we have multiplayer?

Unfortunately, the answer is an ambiguous yes and no at the moment, roughly. The official sites indicate that a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will be required and that two players locally or online can use certain functions, but for the time being, only one function has been confirmed.

In fact, in the recent trailer of 13 minutes, we are shown that there will be a postal service available in the village. Thanks to him, players will be able to exchange so much locally and online.

However, we can assume that there will probably be other activities available in multiplayer mode, such as the possibility of fighting (in the final game, for example) or other mini-games, since the mounts seem to give much game in that sense. As for the main story, it does not seem that it is possible to do it together locally, that maybe it is what was most expected to take into account the open world that poses this video game.

At the moment, therefore, the postal service (exchanges) is so confirmed as well as the Mysterious Gift option to receive rewards within the game, a classic in the saga. We can also suspect that the game will work with the tool Pokémon Home for the transfer of your creatures. For the rest, we will have to wait until January 28 from this year to know more!

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