2022: WhatsApp alternative to sending pictures is set

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2022 some changes come to consumers. In particular, smartphone users have to do without a once-held function soon.

Dortmund — 2022 some innovations come to consumers. In addition to new deposit rules, higher costs for post and DHL or changes for road users, there is also a change in the digital area. As Vodafone reports, Vodafone and Telecom have announced to separate themselves from a service.

Changes 2022: Vodafone and Telecom terminate popular service

An offer, which was launched in 2002 with great hope of telecommunications providers, will now be switched off 20 years later. For users, this means above all that they can be less tapped in a cost trap. Because the function is likely to be hardly used by someone because of WhatsApp, Telegram and Co.

Specifically, this is about the Multimedia Messaging Service (short: MMS), which was introduced in 2002 to send messages with pictures or tones. What is a matter of course in times of smartphones was still considered innovative and state-of-the-art 20 years ago, such a telecom speaker. Today, however, MMS are no longer up to date, which is why the Group has decided to take the plug for the service in 2022 (more digital news at Vodafone).

2022: WhatsApp alternative to sending pictures is set

What the Telecom has been clear since 2020 has now decided at competitor Vodafone. The mobile service provider will not offer the MMS function from January 17, 2023, with headquarters in Düsseldorf (NRW ). Gerhard Mack, Technique of Vodafone-Germany, explained: The MMS is outdated, its meaning low and the customer benefit minimal.

Hardly anyone sends a photo, a sound recording or a video today. Because about popular messenger services such as WhatsApp, telegram or signal, the much simpler, faster and above all cheaper go. The price was a big disadvantage of the MMS right from the start. Who did not have a monthly free budget for MMS, had to pay 39 cents per picture message?

Often the one or the other user tapped correctly in a cost trap. Anyone who accidentally attached a picture to an SMS made an MMS from an SMS and had to grab the bag deep into the pocket. The costs were — and are still immensely. One of the reasons why hardly anyone still uses the function as the sending of photos or videos via WhatsApp and Co. is free.

Vodafone and Telecom go dramatically and create MMS

Not only the cost factor is a decisive disadvantage of the MMS, but also the file sizes. How Vodafone specifies in a message, a photo for the smartphone could now be several megabytes large, but an MMS image is limited to 300 kilobytes, i.e. 0.3 megabytes. The quality and resolution of the photos sent by MMS is therefore accordingly bad. No wonder so that hardly anyone still uses the MMS service today.

This also shows some numbers of Vodafone. According to the Düsseldorf communications group, most MMS was sent in December 2012 with around 13 million. 2021 It is just five percent of the peak value — tendency. For the providers of confirmation enough to finally separate from the offer.

However, Vodafone assures not to switch off the SMS. The Short Message Service celebrates its 30th anniversary after all 2022. And according to Statista, around 7 billion SMS (booth 2020) are still shipped annually in Germany. Although this is also significantly less than in 2012, when around 60 billion SMSes per year were sent, but still enough for the communication company to maintain the SMS service. Whether Telecom still wants to hold on to the SMS is unclear. The company has not expressed itself so far. Vodafone is part of the editorial network from fair

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