Watch 100 million hours 70 000 viewers 2021 month `Roll e Sports`

was a 2021 e-sports.
E-sports charts (ESPORTS Charts), which provide sports statistics, released an indicator of the E-Sports viewing time this year through the website on the 24th. In the case of Chinese streaming services, accurate measurements were excluded from this aggregation.

Most viewing time is the 2021 World Championship (Rolled Cup).

According to the sports chart, the 2021 Rolled Cup achieves about 174 million viewing time and climbed to the first place in the third consecutive year. This increases by about 25% p compared to the previous year. The 2021 Rolled Cup also raised about 75,000 viewers from the finals of Circle Kia and EDGE, Congress, Kia and T1, and the number of a single game, and the second-largest viewer and seconds. It is also a great place to explore, as well as the point of interest in the full set, and the interest in the T1 and ‘Paper’, which returned to the rolled cup, and the interest in the ‘Paper’ is also revealed.

The LACK was the only list of League of Legends, the only viewing time. The LACK Spring recorded about 67 million hours and ranked the International Competition ‘Mid-Season Invite (MSI) (MSI) and ranked 5th. Achieved about 60 million hours, the LACK Summer was ranked 8th and ranked 8th. Last year (about 1336 million hours), we have exceeded the 100 million viewing time again.

Meanwhile, this year’s E-sports viewing time part was the strength of MOB. Rolled Cup, LACK Spring / Summer, MSI and Di International, Identity Season, and World Championship, etc.

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Mobile Mobile Mobile Legend> in Mobile Mobile Mobile. has attracted more than 100 million viewers through the ID Season 8 and World Championships. In particular, the Indonesian League ID season achieved a higher viewer than the MSI that the LACK of League of Legend> Spring Season Winning Team gathered. It is a part that can be guessed by the growth of mobile e-sports.

New zoo, New Jew zoo, Southeast Asia’s E-Sports income is achieved average of 20.8% average. This is the average of 11.1% average of 11.1%, Southeast Asia E Sports will be $72.5 million by 2024 I also expected to earn 86 billion won.