Finding Hermit Nilda Last dungeon release Apde and the latest event campaign implementation

Dungeon Search Type Log RPG Finding Hermit Hilda. Finding Hermit Hilda. It is this work with the formal service started from November 4, but the latest update was carried out for the final dungeon, December 21 (Tuesday).

In this update, Dungeon’s Size and Structure Complexity Enemy Strength Released the final dungeon Ignorance of the highest difficulty, This is not a play, truly challenge. It seems to be able to experience the heart of the recent dungeon that can be experienced.

Also, the user is checked because the new period of time events and catch-up campaigns were started according to this update.

◆ Finding Hermit Hilda final dungeon release Aide and the latest event & campaign will be held!

This update releases the final dungeon ‘Ignorance’ and reveals the entire inscription. At the same time, a catch-up campaign for players who are capturing the early stage also started.

Service URL: HTTPS: //nilda-s.net/
Valley @ Game pot’s ghost Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/ihcuinat
Valley @ Game pot ghost Note: HTTPS: //note.com/ihcuinat

■ Release of the final dungeon Ignorance

The final dungeon Ignorance on the scenario has been released. Dungeon’s size, structure complexity, enemy strength, and all the leading challenges. In addition, the contents of the inscription that will be the kernel of the story at the deepest part of this dungeon will be revealed.

■ Limited time events Crying the name of the wolf started

Clearing the Ignorance, the player’s name is recorded in the scholar list in the royal palace. Also, you can get a super rare drop that can be obtained with an ignorance, and also record the player’s name. This roster can browse all players. The name recorded here will remain in the record and memory as a warming Tuamotu.

※ Entry of the niece is a limited-time event until February 22nd (Tuesday) 2022.

■ Catch up campaign start

We launched a catch-up campaign to boost the final dungeon capture preparation for beginners and casual players.

Part 1 [for beginners] Initial level of the main character 3 times
Part 2 [for beginners] Give money at the start of the game, 3 times the food
Part 3 [Casual] Catch up Pack Present
Part 4 casual Earned to Idol Double Campaign
Part 5 casual Annihilation to Ideal PT recovery expenses half price campaign

New World Dungeon Mutations PTR Soon! Endgame Content & Rewards!

※ Holding time limit: until January 14, 202 (Fri).

■ Event during implementation: rainbow treasure chest appearance campaign

During the event of Rainbow Treasure Box in the Dallas, Insanity Delegation Mode. From the rainbow treasure chest, a rare item special weapon and seeds of high resistance increase will emerge. It is a great opportunity to strengthen adventurers towards the final dungeon capture.

※ Holding time limit: From December 26, 202 (Sun).

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