Valve continues polishing Steam Deck and manages to reduce the original size of your operating system

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In short for a couple of months for its official launch, Valve is still working on Polish all possible aspects of your Steam Deck. In recent weeks, we have been able to know the opinion of the creators regarding the exclusive games and their original packaging has been taught. Now, from Valve they have become more technical and have given us more information about their operating system, to which they have achieved significantly reduce their size.

Valve Learned How to Make the Steam Deck by Failing with the Steam Machine

The operating system will occupy 15% of a 64 GB Steam Deck This information has been signaled by Major, a user of the web metacouncement that has shared the novelties of Valve in relation to Steam Deck. In this sense, the creators assure that they have reduced the size of the operating system of the console in 14 GB, leaving it only in 10 GB and, therefore, the equivalent of 15% in a Steam Deck of 64 GB.

In addition, the TechS pot web has been responsible for comparing these figures with other current consoles, since the PS5 SO occupies 158 GB and that of Xbox Series X reaches 198 GB ; Approximately 20% of the total space in both consoles. As opposed to these high numbers, Nintendo Switch stands out with the use of an operating system that only weighs 4 GB, which corresponds to 12.5% ​​of the original space.

It is clear that Valve is striving to imply that Steam Deck needed a delay on its release date. However, this does not relieve the impatience of the players, because we have already seen the console execute games as Devil May Cry 5 or Horizon Zero Dawn. Either as it may, we can experience a smaller operating system, as well as countless hours of fun, at some point in February 2022.

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