Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqu reveal their new team of ESPORTS

Carmine Corp (Corp Nicknamed) is a French framework focused around a Tours as well as Paris-based Esport group. She is formed on March 30, 2020, as Cameo Corp by the Duo of Francophone Streamers Camel Cameo Kefir as well as Nowhere Iota Dark. On November 16, 2020, the French entrepreneur and also rap artist premium signs up with the direction of the framework, and also the group takes its existing name. A simplified joint-stock company, chaired by Cameo and also led by premium, is developed a few months later.
The Organization of Legends Department of the Club wins the French Spring period 2021 of Organization of Legends for its first involvement, then that of the European Masters, the equivalent of the second continental department. By winning the Festival period 2021 of the European Masters, Carmine Corp comes to be the initial group that handles to preserve its European title in the following edition.
The framework has expert players on Organization of Legends, Track mania, Tealight Techniques and also Rocket League.

After a lot of anticipation, today the team of ESPORTS was finally revealed formed by the Streamer IAI Llanos in collaboration with Gerard Piqué, professional footballer for F.C. Barcelona. This new campus will be known as KOI, and here we tell you who your members will be.

Specifically, KOI will be composed of 12 streamers and content creators, of which Mexicans header Juan Guardian, Under Cortés, Mariachi, Nero and Carola. Already talking about its members for the competitive scene of League of Legends We have Old, Season, Matrix, SLT and Lafitte, with Falcon as a coach.

Another of the most important points about this presentation has to do with the theme of the sponsorships, since it was announced that Network, Disney Plus Spain and Curia will be responsible for sponsoring KOI.

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