Lol The perfect play of two Korean professionals who demonstrates how to play as a team

One of the features that defines the League of Legends Professional is the game on the computer. Although there is also room for the individualizes between the competitive elite, the normal thing is that they are the actions of several members of a template that marks the destination of a game. Behind each genius there is usually the effort of a partner and, above all, an almost blind trust that everyone will all know at the time of the proposal.

The team play lesson of two Korean professionals

Taking advantage of this synergy achieved through training, a duple of Korean professionals has managed to sign one of the most outstanding plays we have seen recently in Solo. In it both Chevy (One) and Legends (NAME) show a perfect synergy. Support cheats the enemy with a very aggressive exchange that pointed to tragic outcome only so that at the last moment his companion will appear willing to finish off, saving him by the hairs.

insane pro outplays - League of Legend Montage (LOLNAM)
Needless to say, this play would be almost impossible to see in a game of League of Legends with two complete strangers. Even if a player had the skill and coldness needed to raise such a controlled exchange, it would be surprising that his partner was attentive enough to appear at the right time. Stronger still considering that the game does not have a voice chat or will have it in the future.

These situations are those that make players as fun to the highest-level players while they dispute their qualifying items, since many of them are accustomed to seeing the faces often and know the strengths or weaknesses of the rival. However, these elite positions were barely restored 0.1% of players and are practically unattainable for the entire League of Legends community.