Dofus retro Dungeon Rusher

Doffs retro also offers events with Dungeon Rusher (here named Dungeon Farmer). The WA Wabbit was the first to meet, and it’s Novel’s dungeons now take the relay. The reward ? Trochee Shields !

Dungeon Rusher Special Doffs retro

The island of Novel will wait for you during the weekend of Friday 17 December at 3 pm at Monday 27 December at 3 pm. The little retro twist? His getting is not 100%! Will you arrive at the end of each boss?

Indeed, you will have exactly a 10 of Drop the shield on the bosses. Several keys will be needed if you do not have a chance. And do not try to cheat with prospecting, because it does not affect ! The Shields of Dungeon Rusher-Farmer do not offer features and are not related to. You can also only get one and only one per character.

[DOFUS] retro 1.34  Gobball dungeon / Donjon Bouftou

A title Platter is displayed when you equip the trophy shield. The titles are very rare on retro doffs and a small tour during Novel is recommended! Finally, last accuracy, the event is active on all retro servers, monocountry or non.

Previous editions of Doffs Farmers

If you are a Doffs 2 player, you can consult the different Dungeon Rushers in progress here.

Dungeon Farmer — Moon

Dungeon Farmer Dragon Pig

Dungeon Farmer Toulouse

The Toulouse will wait for you in his dungeon during the weekend of Friday, November 13 at 4:00 pm Monday, November 16 at 4 pm. You will have to overcome the legendary way to the dungeon, without being assaulted! The little retro twist? His getting is not 100%!


This weekend, from Friday, October 16 at 4 pm to Monday, October 19 at 4 pm, go on the island of Wabbits! The WA Wabbit awaits you with an exclusive offset to recover, offering the title WA Wabbit.