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Twitch Pokimane encourages streamers no games of Activision Blizzard to play

As you have certainly noticed, puts the image of Activision Blizzard since mid-2021 in an ever-increasing downward spiral, the was triggered by the sexism scandal. Since then, more cases and increasingly grotesque details come to light felt a week.

Since then the company of gaming greats as Xbox boss Phil Spencer and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan publicly condemned. The organizers of Game Awards also confirmed that will be shown during the award ceremony no titles from Activision Blizzard. Not only in the community you will be punished for the behavior, but now also by the entire industry.

Primate calls for a boycott of ATV games

More and more streamers turn away in protest of Activision- and Blizzard games. Twitch Streamer in Primate informed in their stream recently why she believes that other popular streamer should distance themselves from playing the company.

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I think if you are a well-financed asked Streamer, you should simply do not, she explained. However, I understand that some people are in a situation where their income is highly dependent on a Blizzard game. But I think in this case they should still make it very clear that they are against it, if they continue to play their game want.

If you afford can

Primate himself played in the stream since the announcement of the lawsuit against the company in July 2021 the company no single game. While encouraged successful streamers to stay away from Activision Blizzard titles, she also understands that there are many small streamers that can not easily give up the games.

In these cases, it would, however, like to see if the streamer would continue to voice their criticism loudly at the approach of Activision Blizzard.

Did you away you since sexism suits against Activision Blizzard from the games the company? Write us in the comments.

Pokimane On Streamers Still Playing Blizzard Games

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