How to get the Vamp Bow to the Roblox Islands

The recent update of the Roblox Islands brought the rarest weapon of the game: the Vamp Bow.

This new remote weapon inflicts the most damage suddenly and needs a plan so that you can manufacture it, just like the grimier of the tides. To get this plan, you will have to kill many enemies and grind it until they give up the plan for you.

The drop-out rate of this plan is 0.02%, 1/5000, so you will have to work on for a while unless you have a crazy chance.

How to Get the Vamp Bow in Roblox Islands + Bow Comparison

Anyway, you will need to know where to grind and what monsters kill, so let’s start:

Find the master plan

You will have to go to the new desert island. To do this, it will take a series of going to different islands to get the keys. Here’s how it will happen: Kill a slime for a Buffalo key for Buffalo Island, head there and kill a Buffalo to get the key to Wizard Island.

Once on the island of wizards, kill a lot of wizards and finally will let down the key to the desert island for the desert island region.

When you have that, head to the island. In front of Scorpion on the island deserts where the portal is located, you will see a group of scorpions. That’s what you will have to kill for a long time. These guys can hit hard, you will want to use a grimier to attack from afar and avoid their attacks.

Killing these guys will be your life until the plan falls.

Unfortunately, there is a bug that can aggravate this process: sometimes the scorpion zone does not fit for scorpions. Just continue to attack when this happens, and you will end up hitting them.

Alternative: Buy the plan

If you have a lot of money, you might be able to find someone who sells the plan. Be just ready to pay a lot of money because it is a new article.

It also means that you can sell your plan that you got scorpions for a good transport, if you decide it’s better than the weapon itself. Just something to consider.

Make the plan

With the plan finally in hand and many corpses of scorpions on the ground, it is time to manufacture the Vamp Bow.

The plan requires 1 Arc d’Artifact and 1 Hard of Ruby Short. I hope the lions will have dropped for you when you killed the scorpions. To make an artifact bow, you will need 3 old slime strings and a hardened arc branch. You can get an old slime chain with SLIDES and make the hardened arc member for 300 maple wood.

The bow is finally to you. The CRA is a great option, but it must be said that if each arc shot is the most damage, the ridge of the tides makes more damage per second. It is easier to get, easier to target and does not require ammunition. It’s a more effective weapon to use, so it’s up to you to decide who works best for you and your game style.

Roblox is now available on PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS and Mac.