Fake bus at BVB Watzke to TV Total action

Around the top game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern made a fake team bus for powerful vortex. Behind it, the TV program TV Total and moderator Sebastian Puff. The BVB did not find that funny and now announced consequences.

A TV prank with a false team bus has triggered an excitement at the security personnel before the Bundesliga Simple last Saturday night. According to picture newspaper, moderator Sebastian Puff had spent as BVB coach Marco Rose, in the bus sitting players in team clothes.

The bus made it with wrong lettering and false car license plate by several control points at the Signal Idea Park Signal.

The Ruhr news now provided further details: Accordingly, the bus could pass the first two barriers to the stadium. The first at the access road to Strobelallee, about 300 meters in front of the stadium. The second at the entrance gate to the east tribune. Only about 60 meters behind that goal reached the security concept of Russia.

Wake little excited: That’s not possible

Riesen-Skandal vor BVB - Bayern-Spiel ! FAKE BVB-Bus will ins Stadion..
Immediately after getting out of the performers, the wrong BVB players were then noticed to the order staff. Then you headed the crew towards Station Red Earth. Picture had initially reported that the dizziness emerged at the entrance to the cabin tract, only then the TV crew of the stadium had been referenced.

For the creators of TV totally the action should have been such a success. To what extent the scenes are shown in the next program, Prospered spokesman Christoph Former had not been viewed by the German Press Agency, he said only, There must be confusion.

How little excited the BVB was then managing director Hans-Joachim Wake now made it clear. Opposite the Ruhr news he announced: This is definitely stadium ban for everyone involved. We will also examine legal means.

On Monday, however, the police divided Dortmund that BVB has renounced a criminal complaint due to trend of trees.

BVB bosses take on the matter — security concept under observation

Nevertheless, the area club will now set its security concept to the test bench. The control for the team buses should be improved as soon as possible. The bus action was at least topic on Monday on the weekly Directors of the BVB.

It is clear that the security personnel at the stadium could have been suspicious of the same for several inconsistencies. Thus, according to Ruhr news the bus was already around 55 minutes before the announced time of the real BVB bus on site. In addition, on the bus — brand Mercedes rather than you and with Lerner license plates — the advertising records.