The next brilliant Ciri

New day, new brilliant Cosplay of Cirri from The Witcher 3 : This time it is the cosplay artist Vert (reddit-name Amstelveen), which slips into the iconic clothes of Gerald of Rival’s beater daughter.

Cosplay by Cirri from The Witcher 3

As with all perfect cosplay, the eye for the detail is impressive again. From the subtleties of clothing over the weapon, the scar in the face and the design of the hair suits everything here. Just a pity that vert, unlike many other Cirri cosplayers, dispensed with a thematically matching background and instead facilitated in the blue light in front of a monochrome wall.

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Other cosplay artists with focus on Cirri, which we presented in the last few weeks and months on games.DE were LyacosPlays, Severe, Like assassin, which is already hatched twice in Chris clothes, as well as Shrine Cosplay.

Cosplay from Tries from The Witcher 3

But other cosplay motifs can delight. Great Cosplay from Tries Marigold from Witcher 3 you can admire here, here and here. And if you always want to know how Gerald itself as a woman would look like, there is also an answer.

Cosplay by Ellie from The Last of US 2

Also, very popular with cosplayers is Ellie from The Last of US 2, where the cladding artists partly over part themselves to create scenes that act as if they came directly from the game. The result is about here, here and here.

Cosplay by Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

Especially for the launch of Resident Evil 8: Village, but even now, Cosplayers of Vampire Lady Dimitrescu can be inspired. For example, you can view the results here, here and here.

Cosplay of Ally and Dog meat

And here two Cosplay to Ally from Horizon: Zero Dawn or Horizon: Forbidden West to see. Last but not least, you come with this absolutely brilliant Cosplay from Fallout 4 on the dog — Wausau Dog meat in real life is still pizza than the postalaparyptic version!

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06.12.2021 at 17:33