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The Ascent - Cyberdeck Upgrade Locations
The ascent in The first paid extension may cause disappointment to many. The cybersex extension of the five euro price range will reach two new weapons, grenade and four different armor parts. The cake is chopped with still a few aforestrungs, naturally only a cosmetic effect. An additional package does not contain any story content. As a consolation, a free update will be discarded that brings to the figures for a transmogrification feature suitable for editing the character’s appearance. The following updates will be released from the end of the year and next year — these RoadMap can be seen at the end of the news. The ascent is available for PC and Xbox consoles. The game’s PlayStation version, however, was boned already in Taiwan’s age limit database, so also seem to be at some point in its revenue. More about: Futurist Anarchy — review The Ascent (PC)