FCN coach bullets reveals My contract is not running

It is in the nature of press conferences before match days that their salary is rather low. Sure, which trainer would like to look into the maps. And that’s how he announces the latest stand on injured or non-multi-injured, in terms of installation, such as tactical orientation, he actually holds up to closed. The latter is mostly at FAN coach Robert Klaus the case — so before the game against Kiel on Saturday (13.30 clock, live! At FCN coach).

Since all players are available to Florian Huber (residue to Schulter-OP) and Felix Zookeeper (problems in the hip and adductor area), the coach has what he liked, a large selection. There are more insights regarding the game, not. And yet, Klaus reveals something that is surprised.

Too few points : Klaus warns of Kiel

But in turn: Kiel, the opponent. Difficult as dangerous, especially since the placement of the miserably started storks, as their proximity to the descent zone, according to Klaus, a distorted picture about their true performance. If you look at the games of the Kiel, it can be stuck that they have too few points, says Klaus, who describes the third of the preseason despite the loss of regular players as well-occupied second division who has good processes.

Speaking of too few points in relation to the performance shown. In this topic, the Feinberger can have a say, they, who started with 13 unbeaten compulsory competitors, have recently come across the wheels: the most recent three home games could not win them, of the last five competitive games they lost four. That they could have gained each of them, but at the same time none of the defeats was undeserved, says much about the balance of the league.

Win just horny

From a result, let alone a result crisis, Klaus wants to know nothing. One must consider each game individually, and there were always other little things that would not have fit on that day. In the way to itself, the big whole, but the direction takes the direction. It would like to forget that despite the one or other experienced support, we have a young team whose development is not complete for a long time, the FAN coach leads out that can not make anything to pure winning-losing thinking: First When we get the performance we bring in the place, then what outcome from it follows. And only then we look at how that’s in the table. Winning to stay on top of it is therefore not the topic on Saturday for him. It’s PUR to win in it, because that is just horny — and self-sharpening the development confirmed.

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The fact that the 37-year-old since the past Wednesday will definitely be contracted beyond the summer for said development is no timidity — and has not been known in this form so far. As a sports board Dieter Checking in early summer 2020 awarded the then vacant coaching site surprisingly to Klaus, although the club officially announced the duration of the contract, but the interior was supposed to the term of two years — and so was around the club around the spring 2022 as The end of the contract period soon to the official fact.

One had to go out almost ongoing talks

A circumstance, which the sports board did not actually reaffirm only. On the future of his coach, Checking was so in the industry-standard vague that could be assumed from ongoing contract calls, no, almost had to. Only, a typical case led by straight ice: Klaus betrayed at the PK in the course of the premature extension of midfielder Johannes Gas that his contract leads on: I do not say how long my contract is valid, but he is not running.