Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker The traffic jam will be inevitable warns Square Enix

The victim of its success and the shortage of semiconductors, Square Enix is ​​preparing to live a contrasting launch with the output of the End walker extension. On one side the publisher can be satisfied with the great success that his MMORPG meets, but on the other he knows that the congestion of the worlds is inevitable and will not fail to disrupt the launch.

As the launch of a new extension is an opportunity for many players play for long periods, we expect a much higher number of simultaneous connections than usual. In addition, following an increase in an increase. Spectacular Players All Regions With this summer, we are currently recording a record number of active users, and we expect a number of connections ever since the official launch of FFI, explains Square Unix in a published ticket On The Lodestone.

How Endwalker Queue System Works

It is therefore very likely that the worlds will be congested and will reach their maximum connection capacity and wait times to connect are long. We want to excuse us to do this kind of announcement at a time when a lot of Between you impatiently waiting for the extension, as well as for the inconvenience that could be caused by this congestion, can we read. One way to respond to this influence, in addition to the optimization of the servers (Square Unix has increased the processing speeds and the number of simultaneous connections), would have been to add new worlds, but the global shortage of semiconductor has Prevented Square Enix from concretizing these planes on time.

In the hope of limiting frustration, Square Enix invites players to view this advice, including Staying patient when a queue is formed, or about inter-world travel restrictions and creation New characters (which will be impossible as long as the world is overloaded). We also explained that the 2002 error message will manifest when the number of characters waiting in the queue will exceed the limit or that the inactive players for 30 minutes will be automatically disconnected.

FINAL FANTASY 14 End walker will open on 3 December in early access and December 7 for everyone.