Maximum Games Zordix Group announces acquisition

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The Swedish Gaming Group Nordic AB (Pub) today announced the acquisition of Maximum Games for $42 million in cash and equities plus a performance-based share of a further $30 million in cash and shares.

Maximum Games is a full-service video game publisher and distributor with over 300 titles in his catalog, which also operates the independent publishing label mode games and the developer team mode studios in Brazil. By the merger with maximum games, Nordic significantly expands its skills and resources and thus lays the foundation for considerable global growth in the field of AA games.

Christina Se aye, Founder and CEO of Maximum Games, will act as COO at group level. The company will continue to take new creative and business partnerships with the aim of becoming the market leader in the AA segment of the game publishing and at the same time strengthening each of the brands in his portfolio.

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Maximum Games employs 78 people and has branches in the US, Great Britain and Brazil. Since its founding in 2009, Maximum Games has developed into one of the 20 largest games worldwide. His publishing label Mode Games has successfully launched 16 games in a variety of genres for PC, mobile, cloudy and console platforms in the three years, including Super Animal Royale, Chris Tales and Tribe 4.

Through partnerships with the best game developers and franchises around the world (Kenya: Bridge of Spirits, Among US, Five Nights at Freddy’s ™), Maximum Games has achieved profitable results in the publication and sales of games by identifying unique market opportunities and strategically This will happen that the games reach their greatest opportunity.

With Maximum Games on board, we now have an incredible infrastructure, which has proven itself in all aspects of the game publication, says Matt Larsson, founder and CEO of Nordic. The experience that Maximum Games provides us to scale enormously, which, of course, means that we will see even more exciting games in the future!

We are very honored to be part of the Nordic Group and continue the development of both businesses hand in hand, says See lye. This step allows us to invest in more own IPs and development studios — and the promotion of what we love most — great games.

This year, Nordic has already taken Merge Games and Just for Games and is also the Council of Condominium of Dim frost Studio, Invictus Games and Nordic Racing. Further information about Nordic Group is available on the official website www.zordix.com.