Call of Duty Vanguard Unicorn Revolving Best Class Setup attachments and more

Call of Duty: As with any Call of Duty game, Vanguard has a problem with machine guns that are omnipresent and almost supervised. So if MP40 players ruin their day, the unicorn revolving is a monster for meetings up close.

The unicorn is another rarity of the Second World War, based on the Becker Revolverflinte — only 100 of them were ever made. If you played the campaign of Vanguard, you will see much more because most enemies carry them. This will show how brutally efficient you can be.

But we can build it again, better than before. Our Best Vanguard Unicorn Revolving Class will reinforce its ability to drop players with a single round, so you can target a different destination every time you press the trigger. Steady goals and an aggressive style of play are essential, but if you can bring them to the table, you will make our unicorn revolver build anywhere to the scourge of the flash servers.

As promised, here is the best Vanguard Unicorn Revolving class.

Best Vanguard Unicorn Revolving Class

Snout: M97 full throttle
Share: Klaus er S2
Optics: Slate reflector
underflow: SALE pistol handle
Magazine: 12 Gauge 5 round cylinder
Ammunition type: Packed powder
Rear handle: Stuff handle
Knowledge: Feat
Kit: fully charged

The unicorn revolver is best out of built, so enhances everything we did with this potential. We added the M97 Full Choke and the Sale Pistol Grip, a sweet combination that is popular with YouTuber and makes the pellet distribution and the goal right. Then we increase the damage range with the 12 Gauge 5 round cylinder, which adds a PC player 24 slightly more range, which you can leave rather exposed to a medium range.

The unicorn will not be extraordinary in the middle area, but by adding the Fabric Grip, Klaus er S2, you will receive both hip fire and ADS accuracy. In general, fire out of the hip, but with the Slate Reflector you have a beautiful clear look to spam round on well-distant enemies.

Then you have the agony of choice. We chose Packed Power to increase the damage range. However, with Buck and Slug you can land one-shot body kills from a larger distance — although we sometimes felt that something inconsistently felt — and fire flocks do not help you immediately, but can help you to do people to do in the course of time a successful shot.

Last but not least, there is the skill Sleight of Hand and the Fully Loaded Kit to ensure that you can reload as soon as possible, and you also have ammunition stacks.

Usually our weapons builds are perk-agnostic — they dice with everything they want, and the builds work for them. However, if you use this unicorn, you should use the following three benefits:

High alarm stage
Double time

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Ninja means that you do not make as much noise if you sprint over the map, High Alert gives you a small vision pulse if you have someone’s sight — possibly enough time to meet the deck — and Double Time makes you easy continue. Combined they are flash-fast and almost impossible fatal, provided they can play their angle properly.

It is unlikely that the shotgun meta appears again in War zone, but this could realistically be a good option for the upcoming vanguard ranking mode. In this case, we will keep the guideline up to date and make sure that you can continue to fight against these cheeky MP40 players.