Beginning for the Parliament Game Law Amendment December

All the legal amendments to the promotion of the game industry that had been quiet for a while (Game Law Amendment) Responses for the passing of the National Assembly.

According to the game industry, public hearing for the amendment of the game law during December will be held. On November 20, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, was expected to be the revision of the game law amendment, and it was expected to be examined and passed in this year, but it has been subjected to a certain due to corona 19 proliferation and national issues.

In order for the entire legal amendment to be covered by the Revision Examination Committee, a full-fledged procedure initiated for the passing of the game law amendment. The hearing officer is located in major game officials and a corporate official.

The game law amendment will be charged by the discussion after the public hearing. If the procedure is as follows, the examination is conducted on the so-called legislation after next year.

However, since the procedure proceeds, the game law amendment will not be applied in next year. Indeed, the game industry is a careful position that it can not be confirmed whether to pass.

The game industry is showing great interest in passing the game law amendment. The main contents of the amendment of the representative game of the representative game law amendment ▲ Probable items regulatory and expanded to expand the duty of the regulation, and the expansion of the abandonment ▲ Availability and the domestic agency system is established.

Among them, the expansion of the new and abandonment regulations are attracting attention in the game industry. The game industry is a policy to strengthen autonomic regulations as well as the political rights maintain the position of requiring legal regulations after the Probability Type Item Relations in a variety of games this year.

Slutty regulation expansion is also interested in the game industry. Although a game with NFT coins is attracting attention in the global game market, the classification is not done due to cash and derivative concerns in Korea.

This is the case where the game law revision is added to the reasons for the revision of the game law, considering that the game law amendment is applied, considering that it is added to the reason for the cancellation of the classification, considering that it is added to the reason for the cancellation of the grade classification, considering that the recruitment of the game law is applied to the reason for the cancellation of the grade classification. The service road is expected to increase more tough.

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An official of the game industry is a probability item, and a problematic issue, now it is right to discuss this game law amendment now. However, in March next year, the situation in March next year, I need to keep watching.