LOL Mad Lions confirms the rumors about the exit of Carzzy

On the eve of the signing market for 2022, there were rumors of a super Team Vitality that would take by surprise to LEC. I would be made up of Barney Alphard Morris, Oskar Selfsame Bodies, Luka Perez Periodic, Mayas Carry Orsay and Labors Papoutsakis. But like all the news of rumors, it was treated with a grain of salt. Even if there were plans to hire superstars, verbal agreements may not reach paper. There are already examples of the above, as what happened in LACK.

So far, only Alphard and Perez confirmed his passage from North America to Europe, although without revealing new team. Carry was missing, MAD Lions shooter who was a fundamental piece at the 2021 bicarbonate. He arrived at the League of Legends World Championship as one of the promises of LEC. However, DWG Kia eliminated him in the quarterfinals. After that day, along with a portion of controversy, there were no signs of contract renewal. The Czech was one of those who had not extended his initial agreement.

On the afternoon of November 22, Mad Lions formally dismissed Carry. He gave him a video with moments of season 11, ranging from the Spring Sprout, Mid-Season Invitational to the quad tier of Worlds 2021. He also wrote a message of thanks: Today we said goodbye to Carry. What a trip we share! We wish you the best and thank you for these years. You will always be in our hearts. The Czech also thanked the Spanish organization for good times together.

Caedrel About MAD Carzzy Leaving MAD Lions

Carry arrived at the end of 2019 as a replacement of Jasper Kobe Robbery. The World’s World was the 2020, where he was eliminated in the play-ins phase in bitter surprises for Europe. Mad Lions replaced his upper lane and jungle, by surprise at LEC with a great final against Rogue. In summer, managed to repeat the end but now against FANATIC, earning him for 3-1.

Until now, there is no confirmation of a possible signing of Team Vitality. Officially, Mad Lions does not have a replacement, but there is already talk about William Unf0ragiven Eminent, Swedish that militates in SK Gaming Prime.