A great high budget Universe Online in the world of Marvel is created

We remain at the topic EG7.

In the same financial report, in which the console version of Lord of the Rings Online and Began graphic DC Universe Online, Dan Global 7 announced Unannounced AAA Universe Online.

And that’s not what, because based on the Hit Universe Marvel (in December 2020, EG7 grew the license).

Massively Multiplayer online Based on Marvel IP.

Developed by Dimensional Ink Studios in Austin in Texas and run by Jacek Emmett, who designed and managed City of Heroes, and currently deals with DUO.

Of course, for details (platforms, business model, screenshot, etc.) is still too early. This Unannounced AAA Universe Online is a long-term project that will probably come out only in 2023 or 2024.

After a shocking closure, Marvel Heroes, on our market it took place for Marvelous MMO, and it’s really nice that someone finally decided to do such a game.

Death of a Game: Marvel Heroes (Marvel Universe Online)
Marvel films are so popular that there will be absolutely no problem with achieving success. People will pay thick dollars to play or see in Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and the rest of the local superheroes.