The best gifts for PC players

Play area Games is a video game developer company of Royal Lexington Health Spa, England, UK as well as residential or commercial property of Microsoft Corp. referred to as the designer of the Spin-OFF video clip game series; Fora Horizon, stemmed from the main saga; Fora Motorsport.

Have you recently consulted your calendar? Anyway, if you went to a store or listened to the radio lately, you will know that Christmas is fast approaching. Even if it can be a moment filled with laughter and maybe even some stress, it’s also a moment for video games. Well, maybe the latter is simply for the player of your life. If you are not sure of the gift type to offer to this PC player in your life, or maybe you just try to offer you a little treat in this holiday season, we are here for you. We found something for everyone on your list, including some of the best video games of the year and impressive PC accessories. Good navigation !

Arcane Studios is back and their last title, Death loop, is a work of art rich in history and complex. It takes the principle of the Marmot Day and the mixture with weapons, humor and style. In addition, if you like to solve a good puzzle or a mysterious murder, it should definitely be on your list. Hell, if you liked Dishonored, Bios hock or any other addictive and gratifying game, it’s worth playing, or two, or three. Who knows, will you finish it one day the first time? There is only one way to know it.

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Just as you thought that Fora Horizon could not do better, Playground Games had to prove that everyone was wrong. Fora Horizon 5 is incredibly beautiful with all different landscapes of Mexico, there are a ton of events to participate, and drive has never been so nice. Paul had this to say about Fora Horizon 5, at the base, Fora Horizon 5 consists of having fun driving. He is technically excellent and plays brilliantly, but he never gets too seriously. I mean, I jumped a Piñata floating a mountain at some point. This equilibrium made of the series horizon the smiling racing games on the market, and no doubt one of the biggest feathers of the Xbox Game Studios. cap

Horror games, like their cinematographic counterparts, are not exactly for everyone. They always have blood, blood, jump fears and frightening characters after all. But if it looks exactly what you are looking for, Resident Evil Village does it so well. In fact, this last entry into the Resident Evil franchise drip intense horror from start to finish and keep you on the edge of your seat all the time. Of course, although it does not match exactly the Christmas atmosphere, it’s a game that is worth recovery for the moment and for the new year. After all, who does not like to dive from time to time in the frightening side of things?

Calling all the fans of the agent 47. This well-known assassin that has always been a ghost is back to end the last trilogy of IO interactive and this time, it goes to new exciting places. The attention paid to the details and the overall design of the levels leave nothing to be desired in Hitman 3. Add cinematic that will not fail to train even further in this dark canvas, and you will become addicted in no time. Add to that the best graphics as the franchise has ever had, and you can also wrap this in a bow and place it under the tree right now.

Call of Duty Vanguard is the most recent version of the COD Franchise and so far, the fans loved it. And not only in the type of compulsory player and long date either. With brittle environments, fast fights and many more meat on its bones (a huge 20 multiplayer cards) at launch, there is something to be excited this time. I mean, it’s always a game cod, but it’s better than ever. Here is a small extract of Trevor’s review, Call of Duty: Vanguard is an incredibly robust package offering tons of content for money. Zombies mode is much more enjoyable and varied, the solo campaign is a visual stun and 20 MP cards at launch are not to disdain. If you have exceeded Call of Duty in recent years, it may be time to come back.

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