Encope Cell Grandera enters the 20th in Japan Early soft land

[Kids News 24 Moon Young Sew] Domestic Mobile Games ‘Grand Saga’ has entered the 20th top of the market sales ranking in the top 20 in Japan,

On the 25th, according to the game industry, Spell (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyundai) was founded that the Grand and Saga released on the Japanese market on the 18th, was found to be the 16th place and 19th place of Google Play. Unlike domestic, the Apple App Store market share is 60%, and the early sales indicators of Grander were invited.

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This achievement of Grand ska has been predicted before launching. The company started to reserve a local preliminary reservation since last August, and the most pre-reserved reservation of the domestic game released in Japan, Because.

In addition, Encoded announced collaboration with ‘Amino Shitake’ and composer ‘Samara Yoko’, Japan’s famous illustrator through local showcase in August, and participated in Tokyo Games Show 2021, The version was released.

Granada is attracting attention in that it has been a visible performance in a large-scale multi-central role in Japan (MMORPG). Japan is also a national entry into the first Global.

Gran Saga Official Release Japan Region
Encode Cell officials said, When considering Japanese game market characteristics, local sales ranking and user response is encouraging, Domestic is ahead of the first anniversary of the service, I will try to show off.

Meanwhile, Grander is an MMORPG that collects and fostering Grandly and Grandly. New Intellectual Property (IP) exceeded 5 million pre-reserved reservations before January this year in January this year. This game was held at the last 17th, 2021, Korea Games’ Awards ceremonies, and the 19th round of the planning (planning, scenario),