Marvel s Avengers Spider Man extension swings without story

While Marvel’s Avengers are only crowned in the movie universe of success, the superhero gang in the video game industry seems to be a very nice cucumber troupe : at least when you develop the title of Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix as well as its headlines before and above all looking for the launch.

After tough criticism of the fans, the introduced experience booster was recently returned from the shop. For example, players were eradicated because they had previously pronounced not to bring no pay2win mechanics into play. In addition, Square Enix ‘boss Yoke Matsuda had recently to blame the developer studio at the failure of Marvel’s Avengers.

Despite Spider-Mans use no salvation for Marvel’s Avengers

Also, the upcoming Spider-Man DLC, which is at 30 . November Exclusively on the PlayStation swings, improves the location of the title in any way — on the contrary. Because as if the console exclusivity of a content for a multi-platform title would not be angry enough, the extension of the spider hero does not even have new Story missions.

The reason for this reveals Philippe Therein, the Gameplay Director of the title, opposite IGN: We wanted to use our efforts for content that all can enjoy, so we have set a lot of energy in the Klaw-RAID, which Saying the same time. […] that was a decision that was right from the start.

Fans may certainly ask himself how to develop the Spider-Man extension at all. As a result of the lack of story missions, the Spider-Man content can be marketed as hero event, not as a surgery as the past LCS. After all: The DLC around Peter Parker is like the previous additional content Free.

Source: IGN

From Jonas Roger
23.11.2021 at 20:05