DFB star would strong EM

Sophie Diana Schmidt (born June 28, 1988, in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian football player. Schmidt has German ancestors, her grandparents originate from Paraguay. She studied Germanic researches. She has actually been betting the Canadian national team since 2005.

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National player Kathryn Hendrick does not see the heavy group for the German football national team at the EM 2022 as a disadvantage.

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Our claim is always to win every game. The tournament victory should be the goal for every team. You must beat everyone. Maybe it is not so bad if you have a stronger group that you have to be there from the beginning, the 29-year-old Hendrick said in a media round. Of course, there are supposedly lighter groups. We know what to get on us, but I trust our team, but the defensive player of VFL Wolfsburg added.

Germany gets to do it at the European Championship in England (6 to 31 July) in the preliminary round with Spain, Denmark and Finland. An important examination is an invitation tournament in the new year, which takes place in England. In February, the hardship test comes with top nations, then we are really well-prepared, said Melanie Leopold, which is active at Chelsea.

This week, the DFB selection comes to your next World Cup qualifiers on Friday (16:00 clock) in Braunschweig against Turkey and next Monday (19:00 clock) in Faro against Portugal. For the home game, 2300 cards have been sold so far as a spokeswoman of the German Football Federation (DFB) on Wednesday said. A maximum of 5000 spectators are allowed.