Diego Maradona according to the doctor Nelson Castro excluded without heart

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The Diego Armando Maradona, who deceased last year, was apparently buried without his heart. That claims the Argentine journalist and doctor Nelson Castro.

Accordingly, there was allegedly a UltraGruppe during the dead guard stealing the heart of the Argentine football legend. A group of Arras Braves from Gymnasium y Syria La Plate (Maradona’s last station as coach, ANM. D. Red.) Wanted to break and remove the heart, said Castro in the Argentine talk show La Mesa de Juana Viable.

Nelson Castro contó que Diego Maradona fue enterrado sin su corazón

Ultimately, however, by appropriate information in the apron, according to Castro, such theft could be prevented: It was not realized because it was obviously an act of enormous audacity. At the same time, the author of the book Diego’s Health: The True History explained that the heart of the former football star was also removed from medical reasons. Because obviously the heart was very important for the determination of the cause of the death of Maradona. So it is actually so that he is buried without heart, Castro said.

At the same time, the medical medicines revealed some abnormalities regarding the removed organ. It was half a kilo, it was very big. It usually weighs 300 grams. He had the heart of an athlete, which is a big heart, but he had a big heart for another reason, Castro said and led the reasons On Maradona’s heart failure and a heart disease that was diagnosed in 2000, back to him.

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Maradona died on 25th November 2020 at the age of 60 years after a heart attack. Shortly before the first day, a 37-year-old Cuban had raised serious allegations against the Argentine football legend. Maradona I have raped her in Cuba 20 years ago, where the world champion of 1986 was rapidly raped for a drug tendency. In addition, she later had been held by Maradona’s surroundings for many weeks in a hotel against her will.